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The Mining Workers Group needs you. If you want to join a dynamic team, please submit your name and the reason why you're the best candidate.(Bilingual is a must)
Opening for the 2017 Edition of the exhibition:
- a welcoming committee
- Ticketing / registration
- booking festival
- Bar and service
- Committee Survey (exhibitors and visitors)
- Safety / first care
- communication
- volunteers / Site Festival / competition, Logistics Kiosks / tents /-Display 
- Committee Decor Design / installation
- agent
- committee activities children
- committee activity information and general education 
- Accounting
- competitions (director)
- competitions - drilling speed, Precision Drilling,
- Team rail installation
- Shoveling race, cavo,
- Shoveling race, muck machine lm56
- Team hand mucking ,
- Relay Race (muck drill blast),
- Speed lumber cutting,
- Mining Rescue demonstration,
- Mine firefighter, responsible (Claude Benoit)
- Total station, responsible (Isabelle viau)
- Electrician,
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