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Our organisation’s goal

Our region has a rich mining history witch as shaped our region and the people who live here. We are proud of our heritage and truly want to share it with the population. We must demystify the mining industry who in a big part sustains our region and as too often bad press. The organisation of this Expo will be a great way to pay our tribute to all the workers of the past, present and inspire the future ones. Our goal is to show where we come from and where we’re at now, and where we are heading. We want to:

• Explain the mining industry.
• Educate youth right from primary school.
• Present all the different jobs related to mining.
 Inspire the new generation of mining workers.

For that reason, we want to combine the educational aspect to the commercial component that allows to the suppliers and manufacturers of the region and elsewhere to present their products and projects, and devellope a contact network and gather resumes of future candidates.   We want to link our workers, suppliers and manufacturers and first nations natives, to show all the different possibilities offered by the Plan Nord. We will showcase friendly mining competitions and mine rescue and mine firefighter’s demos, solo or teams. And even a music festival with local band and more, with good cold beer and great food. This Mining Expo will have a good economic, social, educative and cultural impact, and even will allow to help divers organism of the region. This is a non-lucrative organisation, the only persons to benifit will be the ones who participate to the different activities. This is the reason why we need your help in this beautiful one of a kind event. Become an ambassador of a tradition that will live on in years!

Thank you!

Sylvain Racine, president of the Mining Workers Group


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